I had a long correspondence with this "man" over several days. One the last day we conversed, he admitted I was his most beautiful model this year and he wanted to have dinner with me, then informing me of his "erection." Several times while talking to him, he brought up "scenarios" of having sex with other Women and how he could not wait to watch. I've taken screenshots, so please feel free to see me for them.
Allyse Renée(non-registered)
Lovely portfolio.
Sheila B(non-registered)
The work is stunning. I admire the way you've given life to each model's most unique attribute. Well done! I'd love to see something with ravens.
Mary Therese Lieb(non-registered)
Awesome photography, would expect nothing less from you.
great work
RIKI HOTWHEELS(non-registered)
what an awesome website, love these shots! truly beautiful!
Michael Vivirito(non-registered)
WOW!! Such wonderful work. I can't wait to see more.
Candy Barnes(non-registered)
love your work!!
Your work is so awesome. Looking forward to visitng chicago so I can shoot with you.
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