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M.A.D. Fotografy is not a business. It's a love afair with the art of portraiture, glamour, beauty, fashion and the the environment. Located in the western suburbs of Chicago, one-of-a-kind images are produced through digital imagery and exacting post production. Shooting sessions are primarily done in the studio with backgrounds laid into the photos after the primary image is captured.

Acknowledgements: Much of what I conjure in my head could not become manifest without me getting a whole lot of help. In fact, it is those who aid me who do most of the labor. First and foremost I want to thank my wife Jan who always assists (albeit, sometimes only after a lot of persuation) with the set, and who shows tolerance when I spend time with models. I also want to thank the mua's and stylists who lend me their talents and apply the enhancements I can't.